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How To Buy a Home

  1. Choose a Realtor
    As with any other business partner, you should pick a realtor that you feel comfortable working with. A great realtor will not make you feel pressured and will support you through this decision-filled time.
  2. Mortgage Pre-approval
    Before you can select your dream home, you need to understand what a lender will give you approval to borrow. You should take that number and evaluate it along with your personal budget to determine your price range.
  3. Dream
    After you know your budget, it's time to dream. You should give your agent a list of your 'must haves', 'want to haves' and 'would likes' along with any deal breakers so she can help you find the perfect property for you!
  4. Look Around
    The next step is your agent will share a list of potential fits for your dream. You will work through those suggestions together, ultimately arriving at properties you'd like to see in person. Your agent will arrange the showings around your schedule.
  5. Make an Offer
    To get a home, you must make an offer on the listing you like best. Your agent will help you make a reasonable offer and guide you through any negotiations or counter-offers that follow.
  6. Apply for a Mortgage
    Once you have a contract on a home to purchase, you must apply for a mortgage, if you are not paying cash. The contract will outline how quickly this must be done but it is generally in your best interest to remove this contingency from the contract as quickly as possible.

Tips for the First Time Home Buyer​​

  1. Understand the Numbers
    Your mortgage payment isn't only a repayment of the amount borrowed with interest. It typically includes property taxes, hazard insurance and possibly mortgage insurance. It is important to know your PITI (principal, interest, tax and insurance). Let Amy use her 20 years of experience as an accountant to assist you with the understanding of these numbers.
  2. Don't Spend
    It is important to make your credit is in tip-top shape before applying for a mortgage. Things like applying for a credit card, buying or leasing a car or making a large purchase can harm your ability to get the mortgage amount you desire. You should also be careful about making irregular, large deposits. The bank will want an explanation of monies deposited that are not in keeping with your banking habits or patterns.
  3. Shine The Light
    You want to become intimately familiar with all of nooks and crannies of the house you intend to buy. Don't waste your chance to get a home inspection during due diligence. Home inspections are important for every home, new or not. You want to make sure that, as the buyer, you understand any potential flaws with the home, any dangers to you or your family and to ensure you understand exactly what you're buying!